About Us

We are a people first company, period. We are all about the humanity and connection in the work we do and we love creating new stories.


ZDG was founded by Matt Bird in 2005, seeing an opportunity to assist exhibit managers like you, to bring exhibit booth designs to life around the globe by authentically connecting brands with customers.


Matt brings over 20 years experience in the global exhibit industry, having lived and worked in Hong Kong, USA and Australia,

From our Australian based studio, our experienced team oversee the design and project management aspects of every project ourselves.


We work daily with our global network, and have been involved in creating over 300 exhibit designs a year. Our network of exhibit professionals is reliable, pragmatic, creative and fun.


So you can relax and focus on your business not your booth.


No stress, No dramas, No problems.


Our key values

  • Don't just impress...affect

  • Make it happen, make it count, make it matter

  • People first. Be humble, respectful and compassionate

  • Be about simplicity and efficiency

  • Have fun and be yourself

  • Expect more from yourself than others do

  • Dream BIG, chase goals and celebrate milestones

  • Never forget the basics - honesty, integrity and commitment

  • Embrace change and uncertainty

  • Design with, not for


Human centered designs. Spaces driven by people and stories

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